Candle in the Tomb Chinese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete – KDramas Hindi

Candle in the Tomb Chinese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete


Candle in the Tomb Chinese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete

Word of Honor is a Chinese Drama dubbed in Urdu and Hindi. The story revolves around a Chinese general. After he dies, his daughter must decide whether or not she should take revenge on him. She has to make the right decision, and she must do it as soon as possible. If she has the chance, she will watch the drama in its original Chinese version.

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Candle in the Tomb (Chinese: Gui Chui Deng Zhi Jing Jue Gu Cheng)

A Chinese drama series has been released in both Hindi and Urdu as an alternative language for those who cannot understand English. The popular word of honor is also translated into Hindi and Urdu. You can watch all three languages at the same time for more convenience. The series focuses on Hu Bayi, a middle-aged tomb expert. He discovers an old picture of himself in college while packing for an adventure in the 1980s. As he remembers his college days, he thinks about his first adventure. He then goes on to join the archaeological team to discover a mysterious city.

Skate Into Love (Hindi)

If you love watching Asian movies or television series, you should definitely check out Skate Into Love, a new romantic drama from China. It will be released in Hindi and Urdu on 19 March 2020. It scored 9.5/10 on Viki, with viewers praising its realistic skating scenes, light-hearted humor, and great chemistry between the main actors. Moreover, it will be more accessible to those who are not able to access China’s cinemas or TV series.

Word of Honor (Hindi)

You can now enjoy a Chinese drama series in Urdu or Hindi with subtitles. If you haven’t watched the original, you’ll be able to watch it online in no time. Candle in the Tomb Chinese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete is a very popular dubbed version of a Chinese film. This version can be viewed on any device.

This drama is set in a mysterious tomb in China. The plot revolves around a group of tomb raiders who attempt to escape their past. The mystery behind this crime is based on the second novel in the Ghost Blows Out the Light series by Zhang Muye. The plot is prequel to the other adaptations of the same book. If you haven’t seen the original, it’s definitely worth checking out.


DRAMAS NAME:- Candle in the T0mb

COUNTRY:- Chinese Dramas

AUDIO:- Hindi Dubbed

QUALITY:- 480p, 720p

SIZE :- 300MB, 500MB

BY:- KDramas Maza

Candle in the Tomb [Chinese Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi

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