Coffee and Vanilla Japanese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed 2019 All Episodes

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Watch Coffee and Vanilla in Urdu Hindi Dubbed 2019 All Episodes Online

Coffee and Vanilla Japanese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed 2019 All Episodes

Stream Coffee and Vanilla Japanese Drama in Urdu Hindi dubbed in 2019. The drama is based on the long-running manga series of the same name. The first serialization took place in 2015. The series is directed by Smith. Originally serialized in 2015, the story follows a group of high school girls as they travel to Japan and discover the true meaning of friendship. Watch Coffee and Vanilla in Urdu Hindi dubbed online to catch up on all the episodes and get to know the main characters better.

Shiroki Risa’s romance with Fukami

The title “Coffee and Vanilla” refers to a manga series written by Takara Akegami. The series first began serializing in the magazine Cheese! in June 2015. Later, the chapters were published in bound volumes by Shogakukan. The series is about two young college students, Risa Shiroki and Hiroto Fukami. The first episode focuses on Risa, while the second focuses on Hiroto Fukami, a thirty-something businessman. Unlike the previous anime series, the show is in Urdu and Hindi.

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Shiroki Risa’s friendship with Fukami

“Coffee and Vanilla” is a romance novel about two college students, Shiroki Risa and Hiroto Fukami. Both have trouble finding love and are both shy, so Shiroki and Hiroto become friends, but they have very different personalities. While Risa is attracted to Fukami, she’s less attracted to him. Their relationship develops as the two of them work together.

Risa feels guilty about leaving her friend to rest. She goes home to find Fukami looking tired and unable to sleep, but Yuri discovers that she has a fever. The two begin a new relationship and Risa learns to take care of herself. They both grow closer and Risa is genuinely grateful for Fukami’s support.

Fukami and Risa are childhood friends. Risa’s first encounter with Fukami was in high school when Fukami invited her to his apartment. Risa had just returned home when a woman approached her, claiming to be Hiroto’s mother. The woman accompanied Risa into the club, where she was surrounded by young men. The two exchanged phone numbers and soon became friends.

While Hiroto and Risa’s friendship was not romantic, it was still very close. Risa had been dating Hiroto while Fukami was away on a business trip. After the incident, Risa called Fukami to apologize for her behavior. When he returned, he apologized to Risa for his mistake and took her to his apartment.

After the first meeting, Risa blushed, but this time, she was in love with Hiroto. Yoshiki, who had a girlfriend and a family, snubbed Fukami and took Risa home. However, Risa was still too shy to talk about her feelings with Hiroto. But her love for him continued and he wished Risa a happy life with him.

Although Risa initially felt awkward around Hiroto, she has a very positive relationship with him. She spends her time shopping, getting dressed, and undressing herself. She feels a sense of royalty when Hiroto is around. But this feeling eventually fades away as Risa starts to fall for Hiroto. It is a bittersweet friendship that lingers on for several seasons.

Shiroki Risa’s relationship with Shiroki

The live-action anime series Coffee and Vanilla is based on the manga series of the same name. The main characters are Hiroto Fukami and Shiroki Risa. The anime series is based on the manga series Coffee and Vanilla by Takara Akegami. The series was broadcast on MBS from April 7 to May 14, 2019.

Hiroto is a Japanese man who lives in an apartment in Tokyo. He is the father of two kids, a brother and a sister. They are both pretty and have great looks, so she gets a lot of attention from men. One of these men is Hiroto, who is cocky and spiffy. The two develop a relationship in which they fall in love.

After a few days of dating, Risa was feeling lonely and needed a job. She took a part-time job at a restaurant owned by Akutsu. He had kissed her once before, so she was immediately hired. One night, Risa felt that she was being followed. She decided to speak to Fukami about how to take care of herself.

Although the two met at an open house, Hiroto’s father tried to keep them apart. She was a little nervous and tried to get away from him, but he was too persistent. She left him a letter apologising for leaving him, and he thought that Risa was a mirage. He went to hug Risa and they kissed.

The two met when Nacchan was staying at Risa’s apartment. Risa had a crush on Fukami, and Fukami had a crush on Risa. They went on their first date, and the two fell in love. But after the date, Nacchan had fallen in love with Risa and was planning a double date. She turned around to look at a man who was behind Risa’s shoulder. It was Fukami.

The plot of the series is similar to other western anime, with one-dimensional characters and a shallow storyline. The protagonist, Shiroki Risa, is a naive country girl who gets discovered by a wealthy guy. The rich guy, tired of his own lifestyle, takes the dum girl in and experiments with her. The relationship between Coffee and Vanilla is quite odd and twisted, and a lot of psychological twists are present.

Shiroki Risa’s friendship with Shiroki Risa’s mother

The story follows a young woman named Risa, who comes from a country village to attend university in Tokyo. Her shy, introverted nature attracts a number of male attention. She dreams of a romantic relationship, but has resisted all of her classmates’ invitations to go on dates. Then she meets a handsome businessman named Fukami Hiroto, who looks perfect and is very gentle. Their friendship becomes stronger when they discover their mutual strengths and weaknesses.

Risa, however, refused to leave the party after hearing that Hiroto’s parents had invited them. Risa’s mother pretended to be sick and said it would be shocking if her son found out who she was. Then, the two friends decide to have a sleepover. Risa is saved by Hiroto’s helicopter.

While Risa has a strong bond with her mother, she is far more emotional with her own children. Her mother has a domineering, opportunistic personality. She treats Lady like a dog, despite the fact that the two aren’t romantically compatible. Their friendship is, of course, a source of great joy and angst for the two main characters.

Throughout the series, Coffee and Vanilla’s friendship with Risa’s mother is tested. It is the story of Risa’s unfaithful parents and the friendship between two best friends. It also tells of the relationship between Risa and Hiroto, whose mother once gave him his first kiss. The story is also filled with a number of other love stories between Coffee and Vanilla.

The friendship between Risa and Hiroto started when Coffee and Vanilla met Fukami Hiroto at a university lecture. Fukami Hiroto was a businessman who employed over 1000 people. He was a shy girl, but he was also a good lover. The two made up and he was also the best friend for Risa’s mother.

Fukami and Risa became friends after Fukami met Risa and their mother. Fukami and Risa became friends, and soon after they moved in together, they began to see each other in public. Risa’s mother had been jealous of the three of them, so she knew that he and Fukami would be good friends.


  • Drama: Coffee & Vanilla
  • Country: Japan
  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Jul 5, 2019 – Sep 6, 2019
  • Aired On: Friday
  • Original Network: MBS
  • Duration: 25 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older


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