My First Love Melting Love in Urdu Hindi Korean Drama Complete – KDramas Hindi

My First Love Melting Love in Urdu Hindi Korean Drama Complete – KDramas Maza

My First Love Melting Love in Urdu Hindi Korean Drama Complete

My First Love Melting Love is a new Korean drama that follows the life of a man who can’t forget his first love, and goes back to the past to find her. The Korean drama is currently airing on cable and pay TV channels. Its viewers are generally smaller than the audience of public broadcasters, so cable channels are often the best way to watch this new drama. My First Love is available to download and stream in both English and Urdu.

My First Love Melting Love

My First Love Melting Love are a unique kind of couple: they both belong to different nations, and the way that they express their love is unique as well. They’re a couple who have a difficult time getting over their past relationships and find themselves reunited years later. This Korean drama is set in the 1950s, and stars Ji chang wook and Won Jin-ah. It has a small budget, and you can catch the entire series on cable channels, such as OCN, that air it for free.

Another popular Korean drama is “Twin Faces,” which is dubbed in both Hindi and Urdu. In this drama, two girls with identical faces fall in love, and a rich boy who had lost his first wife tries to win them back. Both women are devoted to their respective men, and it is one of the most beautiful love stories in the industry. If you want to watch the full drama for free, click on the link below.

“My First Lovers” is a touching story of two first loves. A Korean actor named Mok Hae Won plays the role of a detective who works for a special investigation team and is busy with violent cases. However, he takes in his niece, Eun-Ae, and struggles to raise her. Meanwhile, another character, Han Ye-Seul, is a single mother raising her young son alone. Her love for Cha Jung-Han binds them in a passionate bond of friendship and love.


Watch My First Love in Urdu & Hindi to know how the two languages will compliment each other in watching the sexiest Korean drama ever made! If you are looking for a Korean drama to watch in the comfort of your own home, My First Love is for you. Featuring a witty story and touching characters, this romantic comedy will captivate you from the very first scene.

This beautiful K-Drama is subtitled in both Urdu and English, and is based on the story of two girls with twin faces. They fall in love with each other and learn about what it takes to become a doctor. The story follows the characters’ journeys through different stages of their relationship. In addition to the main character’s quest for success, they are bonded by their love for their fathers, their parents, and their friends.

This drama is a great choice if you enjoy romantic comedies. With the plot being a love triangle, My First Love is sure to become one of your favorites. The main character is a talented writer who becomes the editor-in-chief of a publishing house. He soon falls in love with a single mother, who is divorced from her husband and lives in a secluded cabin. The plot is a typical rom-com and follows many of the same tropes as other genres. The female protagonist is an older widow, while the male protagonist is an unemployed student.


If you have watched an English drama and want to know what it’s like to be the main character, My First Romance might be for you. The story follows the relationship between two young people: a community health worker and a successful children’s book author. As the story unfolds, the characters begin to heal their emotional wounds. The storyline of My First Love Melting Love in Urdu Hindi Korean Drama is as touching and moving as you would expect.

The main characters in “My First” are Cha Jung-Han, a detective in a special investigation team, who deals with violent cases. However, his work is interrupted by the arrival of his niece, Eun-Ae, and his struggle to raise her. Han Ye-Seul is a single mother raising her 5-year-old son on her own. She is Cha Jung-Han’s first love, and their lives intersect.

The story of this Korean drama revolves around a young man and girl who fall in love. But society threatens both of them, and he finds out that someone lied about his sibling status. The two meet only once – in the form of death. The cast includes Jung so-min, Seo-In-guk, and Seo-Jihoon.

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This drama is about a man who can’t forget his first love. He returns to the past to relive the experience. This drama is available on cable and pay TV but its viewership is smaller than that of public broadcasters. If you’re a fan of love stories with lots of action, this may be the drama for you. It’s a combination of romance, comedy, and love stories.

My First Kiss is a supernatural drama in which a young man is swept off his feet by the beautiful, enchanting girl he has fallen in love with. This Korean drama has been dubbed into Urdu and Hindi. This means that you can listen to the full version of the drama in both languages, but you can also listen to subtitles for added ease. You can find the link below and start downloading.

Another South Korean drama that is dubbed in Hindi is ‘Twin Faces’. This Korean drama follows a rich boy who has lost his first wife, and two girls who have identical faces. Throughout the drama, you’ll learn more about the world and the people in it. The characters in this drama are diverse and interesting. This makes it a popular choice for audiences in many parts of the world.

Release date

My FirstLove – A Korean Drama dubbed in Hindi and Urdu is the latest addition to the list of Korean dramas. This romantic comedy is based on time travel. A pop idol travels back to 1993 to find that he is dead. He wants to discover what happened and who killed him. He must now adjust to life in the modern world. This drama has 32 episodes and is sure to make you laugh and cry.

My FirstLove is an action-packed drama set in South Korea. The main female character is the daughter of a rich CEO, Ahn MinHyuk. The main character, Do BongSoon, is a bodyguard and deeply in love with the lead female character. However, his first love is a nine-tailed fox. The story revolves around a man who falls in love with a woman who has become his wife.

The release date of My FirstLove Melting Heart in Urdu Hindi Korean Drama Complete is awaited by Korean fans. If you want to watch this drama in your language, you can download it from YouTube or The upcoming episodes are dubbed into Hindi and are subtitled in both English and Urdu. My FirstLove Melting Love in Urdu Hindi Korean Drama Complete has many episodes available on its website. Its dubbed version is available on various streaming platforms.


“My FirstLove” is a recent Korean drama that has been making headlines across the world. The premise of the drama revolves around a man who cannot forget his first love and must return to it to make amends for his mistakes. The drama is set in 1993 and airs on a cable channel or pay TV network in the US. While public broadcasters generally have larger audiences, cable channels have more niche audiences. The dubbed version of the Korean drama is available in Hindi, which is the most popular language in the country.

“My First” stars Anwar Alam, Tahar Rahim, and Yara Khalil as an Asian woman. The cast of this Korean drama is made up of mostly South Asian actors and actresses. This means that it’s difficult to locate the cast of a South Korean drama on Netflix. However, if you’d like to watch this Korean drama in Hindi, Wikilistia has the answers to your prayers.


DRAMAS NAME:- My First Love Melting Love

COUNTRY:- Korean Dramas

AUDIO:- Hindi Dubbed

QUALITY:- 480p, 720p

SIZE :- 300MB, 500MB

BY:- KDramas Maza

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