My Love From Another Star (2013) Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed All Episodes – KDramas Hindi

My Love From Another Star (2013) Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed All Episodes – KDramas Maza

My Love From Another Star 2013 Korean Drama in Dubbed

My Love From Another Star is a love triangle story between Ali, Naaz, and Omar. Set in Pakistan, it is dubbed in both Urdu and Hindi. It is the perfect choice for fans of Pakistani dramas. In this dubbed version, the cast includes popular actors such as Jung Chae Yeon, Ji soo, and Jung Ji Hyun.

My Love From Another Star is a love triangle story between Ali, Naaz, and Omar

The plot is set in a fictional city and includes a love triangle between Ali, Naaz, and OMAR. Each of these men has feelings for the other, but each is attracted to different people. The three men are all from different backgrounds and have different reasons for wanting to fall in love. This makes the story all the more interesting. The story revolves around their unique personalities and how each one comes to know the other.

Omar, a police officer, is tasked with solving the murder case of his fiance, Elif. The police find her body in a car next to an old rich businessman, but the truth comes out. Elif, on the other hand, struggles to reconcile her feelings for her father, who killed her parents. Meanwhile, Ali’s wife, Naaz, is a widow and married to Omar, but she falls in love with Ali after life forces her to be kind.

It is set in Pakistan

A Korean drama that is dubbed into both English and Urdu can be viewed on many different services, including YouTube. The viki app is a popular way to watch the drama dubbed in hindi. Many streaming services offer this option, too. If you prefer watching Korean drama in the language of your choice, you can find this dubbed version on YouTube or other streaming sites.

It is dubbed in Hindi

Whether you are looking for a great drama in Urdu or Hindi, the My Love From Another Star 2013 Korean Drama in Dubbed is a must-watch. The story of two lovers with twin faces – one a community health worker, the other a successful children’s book author – is sure to captivate you. This drama was critically acclaimed and achieved the highest viewer ratings during its run on television. Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, it is the story of a wealthy boy and a poor girl who fall in love and begin to rebuild their lives.

The story of My Love from Another Star has captured many viewers’ hearts. It is a romantic fantasy story about an alien living in the Joseon Dynasty. The cast of the show is an all-star line up of Korean actors. The drama premiered on December 18, 2013 on SBS and continued to air until February 27, 2014, when it was extended for one episode due to high demand.

The drama series was premiered on MBC TV’s original network in May 2018 and is available in Hindi and Urdu on Zee5. The story is about two women who live together after their partners have been betrayed. The story revolves around the relationship of Cha Jung-Han with Han Ye-Seul, who is her first love. The drama is also known as “My First Love” or “Pahle Pyar Main”.

My Love From Another Star 2013 is a great choice for fans of action plus comedy. It has great storyline and a unique love story. The main characters are the best actors, so you’re sure to enjoy this drama. It is also an excellent choice for a family viewing night. The main theme is a triangle love story that ends with a sad ending. It is one of the best K-Dramas ever produced.

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It is dubbed in Urdu

My Love From Another Star is a Korean drama with an interesting premise and an intriguing love story. Park Hoon, a medical student in North Korea, falls in love with Jae Hee when she was still in high school and they plan an escape to South Korea. After breaking up with a cheating boyfriend, Park Hoon moves into a share house with her roommate, his former middle school boyfriend. Their love story is one of passion and heartbreak.

The show is based on the story of an alien that was dropped on earth 400 years ago and is cynical about human beings, but changes his mind after falling in love with the childish actress. The story also involves a troublemaker who applied for a job in the convenience store owned by the man who ran her errands years ago. The two people who meet each other at a Laundromat are ex-lovers and are unable to recognize each other. However, the two people fall in love and become more than just friends.

‘My Love From Another Star’ is a great choice for the first time viewer. The story follows two doctors who make bad choices, fall in love and have a romantic relationship. Despite the drama’s strong themes of love, it’s easy to see why the drama has garnered such a following. It’s also a good time-saver for anyone who loves romantic comedies and dramas.


DRAMAS NAME:- My Love From Another Star

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AUDIO:- Hindi Dubbed

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SIZE :- 300MB, 500MB

BY:- KDramas Maza

My Love From Another Star (2013) – Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed All Episodes


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