Once We Get Married Chinese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi

Once We Get Married Chinese Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes

Once We Get Married is an entertaining and absorbing C-Drama series starring Yi Si Chen as an obnoxious, cold-hearted businessman. He may seem like a jerk, but that doesn’t matter when you’re in love. In this Chinese drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed, you can enjoy the entire series at no cost.

Before We Get Married is a Chinese drama

Before We Get Married is a tense romantic drama directed by Feng Kai and dubbed into Urdu and Hindi. It is based on a novel by Ayamei. It is set in Shanghai. The two characters are about to get married. Weiwei starts to fall in love with Chu Ke Huan but he has feelings for Weiwei.

Yi Si Chen is a hardworking businessman

This Chinese drama is centered around a young, rich, and beautiful businesswoman, Yi Si Chen. She is the daughter of a wealthy and toxic father. Her hardworking and ambitious mother makes her dream of owning a clothing label a reality. She idolizes Nian Xi, the author of her favorite comic books. The other two major characters in the drama are Xi Wei, a rich, beautiful, and successful businessman, and Mo Zi Xin, a reclusive comic book artist. Si Chen is also her father’s friend from school, so she is very helpful and courteous to her mother. The last one is Xi Wei, a beautiful and wealthy businesswoman who works for Mo Zi Xin’s fashion media.

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Yi Si Chen is cold and obnoxious

Yin Si Chen is an obnoxious and cold man in Once We Get Married Chinese Drama in Uldu Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes. After he breaks an expensive present that his wife gave him, he accuses the secretary of breaking it. This incident causes Mo Zi Xi to leave the office. However, Yin Si Chen tries to explain that he will not manipulate the secretary and that he will not do anything like that.

Yi Si Chen is a hardworking businessman but when he’s in love, how can he be?

The popular web novel ‘Once We Get Married’ is being adapted for a new TV show ‘Tapmad’. The show is now available on the On Demand video streaming service. You can watch the full episode of the show in Urdu, as well as watch the trailer on the official website. To know more about this Chinese drama, click the links below!


DRAMAS NAME:- Once We Get Married

COUNTRY:- Chinese Dramas

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Once We Get Married [Chinese Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi


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