Please Don’t Date Him Korean Drama in Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi

Please Don’t Date Him Korean Drama in Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi
Please Don’t Date Him Korean Drama in Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi

Please Don’t Date Him Korean Drama in Hindi Dubbed Complete All Episodes

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Song Ha-yoon

If you want to watch a romantic comedy and love story, then Please Dont Date Him is the perfect choice. Though many shows have been labeled as rom-coms, this one is special because it manages to bring genuine laughter to the audience in every episode. This story revolves around a girl who is working as a household appliance developer, but is secretly dreaming of living the life of an algorithm.

Seo Ji-seong is a programmer, accidentally creating an artificial intelligence program called Cho Sang Shin. The AI is programmed to identify trashy human beings and save them from relationships that are threatening. But when the program identifies her fiance as trash, her hope begins to dwindle. Her friends and coworkers are also able to help her out, but not her fiance, Jung Kook Hee.

Lee Jun-young

The Korean drama “Please Don’t Date Him” airs in 2020 and 21. It stars Joo Woo-jae as Instagram-like man Han Yu-jin and Kim Tae-gyeom as an old blogging man Kim Sang-sik. The series also stars Kim Gyeong-il as a fisherman from Whale Fire Station with three kids. In June, Song Ha-yoon made her comeback as the main male lead, Lee Jun-young in the main male role, and in October, Gong Min-jung was cast in a supporting role.

Gong Min-jung

If you love a good romantic comedy, you will love Please Dont Date Him! It is one of the few shows that have been labelled a “romcom” and still bring laughs to the viewer’s face in every episode. In Hindi-dubbed versions of this show, you can watch the entire series on Netflix. There are many award-winning Netflix originals available as well.

Kim Myung-soo

If you’re a fan of South Korean dramas, you may be curious to know how to watch the latest version of this popular series in Hindi dubbed. It’s one of the few Korean dramas that has been translated into Hindi. The series stars Song Ha-yoon and was directed by Oh Mi-kyeong. This story revolves around a man named Seo Ji-seong, a successful household appliance developer who dreams of living his algorithm.


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Please Don’t Date Him [Korean Drama] in Hindi Dubbed – Complete All Episodes – KDramas Hindi

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