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Saif Aur Haya, also known as Kurt Seyit and Shura, is a popular Turkish drama that aired in 2014. The drama is based on the true story of a Russian aristocrat, Shura, and her relationship with a Turkish officer, Kurt Seyit.

The drama is set during the First World War and follows the lives of Kurt Seyit and Shura as they navigate the tumultuous political climate of the time. Shura is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who falls in love with Kurt Seyit when he comes to her family’s estate as part of his military duties.

Kurt Seyit is a charismatic and handsome Turkish officer who is instantly drawn to Shura’s beauty and intelligence. The two soon fall in love, despite the disapproval of Shura’s family and the cultural differences between their backgrounds.

The drama explores the challenges that Kurt Seyit and Shura face as they try to maintain their relationship while also dealing with the political upheaval of the time. Kurt Seyit is torn between his love for Shura and his loyalty to his country, while Shura struggles to adapt to life in Turkey and navigate the cultural differences between her Russian upbringing and Turkish traditions.

Saif Aur Haya is known for its stunning cinematography and intricate costume design, which transport viewers back in time to the early 20th century. The drama also features a talented cast of actors, including Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Kurt Seyit and Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Shura.

The drama has been praised for its portrayal of a complex and nuanced love story, as well as its exploration of the cultural and political tensions of the time. It has been a hit with audiences not only in Turkey but also internationally, with viewers from around the world tuning in to watch Kurt Seyit and Shura’s story unfold.

In conclusion, Saif Aur Haya, also known as Kurt Seyit and Shura, is a captivating Turkish drama that tells the story of a Russian aristocrat and a Turkish officer who fall in love amidst the political turmoil of the First World War. The drama’s stunning cinematography, talented cast, and nuanced portrayal of a complex love story have made it a hit with audiences around the world. It is no wonder that Saif Aur Haya remains a favorite among fans of Turkish dramas.

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DRAMAS NAME:- Saif Aur Haya

COUNTRY:- Turkish Drama

AUDIO:- Hindi Dubbed

QUALITY:- 480p, 720p

SIZE :- 300MB, 550MB

BY:- KDramas Maza

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