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Strawbery Smell Turkish Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Complete

Strawbery Smell

If you are looking for a Turkish drama with a lot of fun and action, Strawbery Smell might be just what you need. Adapted from the South Korean drama The Heirs, this Turkish drama has a harrowing plot, but it is also full of fun. With 23 episodes and a great cast, Strawberry Smell is sure to become a fan favorite.

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Cilek Kokusu (Strawberry Smell) is a Turkish drama

This heart-wrenching Turkish drama is adapted from the popular South Korean television series The Heirs. Released on 24 June 2015, this Turkish drama has 23 episodes and is a perfect choice for fans of Korean and Turkish dramas. This series explores the relationships between two contrasting characters and the issues they face in their everyday lives.

Asli (Demet Ozdemir)

Asli (Demet Ozdemir), a young pastry shop employee, has met her soul mate in the form of a rich, vagrant man named Burak. Their paths cross on a plane while heading to Bodrum. When they meet, they immediately begin bickering. Although they both believe they would never see each other again, fate has other plans.

Before starring in this Turkish Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed, Demet Ozdemir starred in a music video entitled ‘Sana Bir Sir Verecegim’, subtitled ‘I’ll Give You a Secret.’ The music video was released on 5 July 2013, and Demet was named one of the main actors. The film became a huge hit in Turkey and subsequently in many other countries.

Asli and Burak are two young men who fall in love in a very unconventional way. Asli, a pastry chef who is about to lose his job, is in love with Burak, but his girlfriend wants her to stay in Bodrum and get a new job there. However, Burak is irresponsible and his father disapproves of his attitude. After the bakery fires him, Asli and Burak have several encounters and fall in love.

Demet Ozdemir is a model and actress. She was born in Turkey and currently resides in Izmit, Turkey. She was a backup dancer for Bengu Erden and studied ballet and theatre at Sahika Tekand Studio Oyunculari. Her father sends her to Istanbul to work in his factory, and after she wins his trust, he asks her to marry him. After the marriage, the two pretend to be in love and become husband and wife. Those who wish to see more of Demet Ozdemir’s performances can watch Strawbery Smell Turkish Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed in English.

Strawbery Smell is a romantic comedy drama that airs in Turkey, Pakistan, and India. A journalist, Melike, lied to her parents that she was engaged to a rich man who is actually his boss’s fiance. Despite his efforts to convince her that he is a real fiance, she never notices him until he runs away from the wedding party. Their relationship develops slowly but eventually, they fall in love with each other. Although this Turkish drama was canceled soon, you can watch the entire series in English subtitles on YouTube.

Asli (Demet Ozdemir), the lead character in Strawbery Smell Turkish drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed, is a Turkish actor. His character, Asli, is a Turkish princess who is involved in a love triangle, which explains why she is drawn to Asli. Despite his youth, he has a fiercely protective and loyal relationship with his father. His character, Asli, is not the only one who suffers under the occupation of the Israeli military.


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Strawbery Smell [Turkish Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Hindi

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