Unfinished Love (Yarim Kalan Asklar) Turkish Drama in Urdu Hindi – Complete

Turkish Dramas (Unfinished Love) in Urdu and Hindi Complete

Unfinished Love (Yarim Kalan Asklar) Turkish Drama in Urdu Hindi – Complete – KDramas Maza

If you are looking for the latest Turkish television drama, then you are in the right place. The latest Turkish series, (Unfinished Love) Ferhat Shirin Banu, is the perfect place to start. Starring Tolga Saritas, Leyla Tanlar, and Cansu Dere, it tells the story of a magical love and the miracles that keep the hero and heroine close.

Kaan Urgancioglu

Endless Love is a Turkish romantic drama television series that aired from 14 October 2015 to 21 June 2017 on Star TV. It has been translated into 50 languages and aired in over 110 countries. In addition to Turkey, it has also been broadcast in Spain, Russia, Germany, Greece, Serbia, and Iraq. In addition to being broadcast in Turkey, this series has also been shown in Mexico, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

Unfinished Love stars Ozge Ozpirincci as a taxi driver named Ramo who falls in love with his boss’s daughter Sibel. The series can be seen on a variety of platforms, including Netflix. Stream the Turkish drama in Urdu Hindi complete now and start watching the storyline. The characters are portrayed by a fantastic Turkish cast, and you are guaranteed to find a few tears in your eye.

The story of the show revolves around two families living in an apartment. The lead character Han lives with her two sisters and ailing father. As the plot unfolds, new revelations become evident. Kaan Urgancioglu reprises her role from Vatanim Sensin, in this new Turkish drama. The movie is subtitled in English. Watch the Turkish drama online now and experience its thrills and suspense.

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Sen Cal Kapimi

If you love a good love story, you can’t miss this new Turkish drama series, Sen Cal Kapimi. The series stars Hande Ercel and handsome Turkish actor Kerem Bursin. Based on the novel Camdaki Kiz, the story follows a poor girl, Zeynep, who is adopted by a wealthy family. However, financial troubles prevent her from pursuing her dreams, and she resorts to private foundations for support.

The story is based on the life of a young girl, Asiye, who left her stepmother’s house when she was only seventeen years old. She eventually married the man she loves, Cemal, who decided to leave town to improve the family’s financial situation. Asiye has to raise the children on her own. But the love story is more than just a simple love story. The drama and comedy scenes will keep you entertained and laughing through the whole series.

Another Turkish drama, Sen Cal Kapimi Unfinished Love, is the story of a wealthy businessman, Yaman. He lives a dreary life with his father, but cares for his nephew Yusuf. However, his life is turned upside down when his nephew’s aunt enters his life. Now, the two are forced to work together to solve a crime.


If you’re tired of watching your favorite TV series in English, you should watch Turkish dramas in Urdu or Hindi. Despite their limited language support, Turkish dramas are still an option for those who want to watch a Turkish series. There are many series in Urdu and Hindi available on YouTube that can be watched in the comfort of your own home. You can also watch the complete series on Netflix, which will allow you to watch it at your own pace and convenience.

This Turkish TV series is one of the latest romantic and uplifting dramas on the Internet. The leading characters are Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin, who are both very popular and well-known in Turkey. The storyline is a romantic one that is full of drama. A poor girl named Zeynep is adopted by a rich family. While living with this new family, she suffers, and eventually decides to marry a wealthy man, Emir. But her biological mother disapproves of her husband marrying a rich man, and Emir and his daughter Suna grow closer, as well.

This Turkish drama is a perfect blend of emotions and action. It revolves around a murder case and the love story between Ramo and Sibel is a real treat. As the series progresses, new revelations are revealed, and the storyline is not only compelling, but also heartwarming. Kaan Urgancioglu, who previously starred in Vatanim Sensin, reprises his role in this new drama.

Ada Masali

If you’re a fan of Turkish dramas, you’ve probably come across the series Unfinished Love. The Turkish drama is a remake of the British TV series Dr Foster. Fans of the show will recognize the storyline as it revolves around two young people with very different worldviews who fall in love. The story follows Asya and Volkan, who both have a troubled past. They’re both trying to make the best of things in their lives and their relationships with one another, but the circumstances turn out to be much more than they think they’re capable of.

Unfinished Love has a very interesting story. Two young people from different backgrounds fall in love and discover that they’re incompatible. A Turkish journalist named Ozan approaches his professional duties with a great deal of responsibility. He works hard to advance his career, but he’s been deeply in love with his beloved Elif for a long time. He has been delaying making a major decision in his life, but now he’s able to make the proposal he’s been waiting for.

The film is a melodrama about love and life. A beautiful young woman named Eda Yldyz dreams of a world-renowned education, but financial struggles force her to return home to care for her ailing mother. Her dream is dashed, and she decides to apply for help from a private foundation. But what happens to her? She ends up marrying Serkan, and he doesn’t even care if she doesn’t want to.

Son Yaz

The Turkish television drama series, Son Yaz, is a popular one with an impressive 7.9 IMDb rating. It is set in 2021 and revolves around a public prosecutor named Salim Kara. A young criminal, he needs to solve a crime case and becomes a public prosecutor. While in his job, he faces many challenges in his life and finally decides to join the world of crime.


  • Release date
    • September 10, 2020 (Turkey)
  • Country of origin
    • Turkey
  • Language
    • Turkish
  • Also known as
    • Interrupted
  • Filming locations
    • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Production company
    • Tims & B Productions


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