What’s wrong with Secretary Kim [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi – Complete All Episodes Added – KDramas Hindi

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi – Complete All Episodes Added – KDramas Hindi


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Popular South Korean romantic comedy drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” debuted in 2018. The series is based on Jung Kyung-yoon’s identically named web novel. The plot centres on the relationship between Kim Mi-so, Lee Young-joon’s extremely competent secretary, and Lee Young-joon, a narcissistic and self-absorbed vice president of a major corporation (played by Park Seo-joon).

The esteemed Yoomyung Group’s third generational heir is Lee Young-joon. Despite his immense talent and accomplishment, his haughty and selfish demeanour frequently causes him to clash with his coworkers. Young-joon is committed to his work and proud of his accomplishments despite his imperfections.

Kim Mi-so, on the other hand, is a capable, reliable, and organised secretary. She has spent nine years working for Young-joon and is renowned for her remarkable abilities. Mi-so is well-liked by her coworkers and frequently commended for her commitment and diligence.

When Kim Mi-so makes the decision to leave her work as Young-joon’s secretary, the plot changes. She tells him that she wants to go so that she can pursue her own happiness and live her life independently of him. Young-joon is shocked by this admission because he had always taken her existence for granted and had never imagined life without her.

Young-joon, who is terrified of losing her, discovers that he has unwittingly depended on Mi-so for practically everything in his life. He begins to suspect that perhaps his affections for her go beyond just their shared professional relationship. Young-joon decides to prevent her from quitting and makes an effort to win her affection in an effort to keep her by his side.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” examines the evolution of Young-joon and Mi-so’s relationship as the plot develops. Young-joon starts to reveal a more sensitive and sympathetic side of himself, trying to relate to and help Mi-so. Mi-so, on the other hand, is still dubious about his abrupt change of heart and doubts that it is more than just a reaction to losing his secretary.

Young-joon struggles throughout the series to communicate honestly and share his emotions because he is not accustomed to doing so. The decision to live for herself has been inspired by Mi-so’s past and current challenges, which she is juggling at the same time.

A side plot concerning enigmatic occurrences from Mi-so’s past is introduced as the sexual tension between Young-joon and Mi-so grows more tense. These occurrences develop interest and give her character more nuance.

More of the Yoomyung Group’s characters are explored in the drama, including Young-joon’s older brother Lee Sung-yeon (played by Lee Tae-hwan), who has a complicated connection with both his family and the business.

Young-joon must face his emotions and concerns as the series draws to a close, and Mi-so learns to accept her history and her true affections for him. The story comes to a touching and fulfilling close in which the protagonists experience personal and professional progress, love, and happiness.

Widespread praise was accorded to “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” for its captivating plot, endearing characters, and the chemistry between the key performers. It is still regarded as one of the most cherished romantic comedies in Korean drama.

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