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“Who Are You (School 2015)” is a Korean drama that aired in 2015. It is part of the “School” series and tells the story of two orphaned twin sisters, Lee Eun Bi and Go Eun Byul. The drama explores themes of identity, friendship, and the challenges faced by teenagers in a high school setting.


The drama begins with Lee Eun Bi, who is living in an orphanage and facing bullying at school. One day, she wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and assumes the identity of her twin sister, Go Eun Byul, who attends a prestigious high school. Eun Bi tries to adapt to her new life and faces various challenges, including uncovering the truth about her past and dealing with the complex relationships between her classmates. As the story unfolds, Eun Bi discovers that her sister, Eun Byul, has gone missing. She becomes determined to find her and uncover the secrets surrounding her disappearance. Along the way, Eun Bi forms new friendships, faces betrayal, and learns more about herself and her true identity.


  • Lee Eun Bi / Go Eun Byul (played by Kim So Hyun): The main protagonist of the drama. She assumes the identity of her twin sister, Eun Byul, and navigates the challenges of high school life while searching for her missing sister.
  • Gong Tae Kwang (played by Yook Sung Jae): A rebellious and misunderstood student who befriends Eun Bi. He develops feelings for her and becomes a source of support.
  • Han Yi An (played by Nam Joo Hyuk): Eun Byul’s childhood friend and classmate. He becomes conflicted when he develops feelings for Eun Bi, not knowing her true identity.
  • Kang So Young (played by Jo Soo Hyang): A popular and manipulative student who bullies Eun Bi. She plays a significant role in the conflicts and secrets within the school.


“Who Are You (School 2015)” is a compelling drama that explores the complexities of teenage life, identity, and the power of friendship. It delves into the challenges faced by high school students and the impact of secrets and betrayal on their lives. With a talented cast and an engaging storyline, the drama keeps viewers hooked as they follow the journey of Lee Eun Bi and her search for her missing sister, Go Eun Byul.Overall, “Who Are You (School 2015)” offers a mix of drama, mystery, and romance, making it an enjoyable watch for fans of the genre. It tackles important themes and provides insight into the struggles and growth of its characters, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers.


DRAMAWho Are You
COUNTRYSouth Korea
BYKDramas Maza

Who Are You (School 2015) in Hindi Dubbed – KDramas Maza

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